She be Big when Rising. Last Full Moon of Winter.

The Nightingale

Dazzle yourselves this weekend dearest lovies, it’s our LAST WINTER MOON  !!

This moon cycle brings on the season of light, or Spring Equinox. Spring is the energy of innocence and child-like whim and wonder, of dawn and birth. Opening to that light sweetness can be transformative this weekend.

The last moon cycle of Winter, First of Spring.

We are in an In-Between Tide, during a Quickening.

Waxing, which means growing, moon phases bring “Quickening.” It means increased growth. She is full Monday in the afternoon here on the eastern seaboard in the north hemi. Full moons are the energy of the quickening momentum being brought into stillness, think of it as clarifying. Imagine a flower in perfect fragrant bloom. How it quakes with life that has reached its complete, pure expression. This is the three or so days a month of a full moon.

I don’t know about you guys, but for this gal it’s all about getting my seeds ready for spring gardening!!!

Literally and figuratively

It is also a Super Moon this weekend! That is what we call it when the moon is perigee, or closest to the earth on its elliptical orbit.

 She be BIG when RISING  

Whatever you feed in your life, in your body, literally not just WHAT you show up to and live in your life day to day but HOW you show up–this is what will “peak” this weekend.

If you’ve been suppressing or denying anything, expect it to bust through on a weekend with energies like these.

Mercury also ends its retro on Monday. Merc retro’s are soul reviews, occurring three times a year always at the end or beginning of a season.

Retros are opportunities to revisit problem, stress, or sticky areas, and the way that these are patterned in your behaviors, relationships, and beliefs.

This retro held us still so we had a chance to inwardly reflect on our life experiences and insights that happened from Mid-Fall (Samhain) to Mid-Winter (Imbolc).

Pay attention to what happens in your life, to insights or intuitions that seem to emerge out of nowhere this weekend and onward Monday into Tuesday.

My wishes for you are that you get a chance to get outside and play this weekend!

Don’t let them tame you~

Happy Last Winter Moon!!!

image Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

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