This song is for you~

This is like being on the road I think to myself, the round empty in my body that needs for nothing, is willing to just show up to what is next.  I take this as grace considering there is so much going on to show up to, so much to busy myself and especially my free time with.  But the season is growing, the wild medicine weed sprouts are green and purple-pink in the twilight and the dawn and I am rejoicing, the empty sweetness, grateful for the peace of having no want, no satisfaction, more than this.  S p r i n g

I have four minutes left on the clock before I need to scoot back to my truck back to my office back to the patient on her way.  There is nothing in this tiredness that is soul exhaustion, and when I look out and around at the level we normalize that quality of being it makes me even more grateful to have what I have and want it, moment by moment, too.

Two weeks ago at 5:30 in the morning I was zipping along the back roads.  I was on the north bayside ones where, at that hour, you can see dawn break orange and large over town.  I came around a corner and standing in the center of the road Blue Heron didn’t flinch when s/he came nose to nose with my car.  S/he looked down her beak at me, til both my vehicle and my body stilled completely, and, holding my eyes, only then took flight.

Medial Walker.

How many others out there are like this, too?  This song is for you~

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