On such brand new ground

On our walk Saturday me and Laverne are two hours through the spires, through the greens the pinks and yellows, the sweetest braids of brand new all the way to the clear clear water of the bay.  Joint where we first met ten years back sunrise fire orange mornings over the Assawoman hella early and the frigid freeze of winter-chap skin.  Getting caffeinated crazy and falling hearts over eyes for one another over and over again.  All a ruse, our hang-ups on dudes.  We sat there a long while and I had to stop myself from stripping and dipping right there in the middle of mad white sunlight on clear blue day.  Like always my feet were bare in the grasses leading her then for the first time in our relationship she allowed room past her devotion to Christ for the mystic magic of how the devas dance and so surely then did they lead and wander our sweet way along.  Turns out she is ready to be green ally herself, and we took cuttings first of wild fern and then of wisteria, who she herself marks the viney entrance to the fairy forest I have visited, again and again, all through quarantine.

Maybe I need to start taking my 35 mm with me on these treks? it’s a random thought that comes just now and foreign, too to me who could never bare to bring my phone on my adventures for how it always, always offends my soul.

Which takes me back, to the first night we circled. It was just me and Beth and Forgetful, and I remember now that I did, actually, I was called to the forest that first time in quarantine and did bring my phone!!  Just before our sacred sit, to walk there and listen to a 528 meditation to reset myself gahhh it was still the early days of navigating my mental health patients fending their own way through the realities of them selves so much more close now, literally, to home.

That was the circle we set to “tend the mists”  that kept, at that point, crowding my second site, showing up in every detail in every lost distracted moment wherever I went.

And I made a wee offering in the center, knee to earth forehead on heart a wisp of a kiss as twilight draped down, there at the soft dewy pink bottom of the fairy forest floor.

Yes yes that is how this current started, the mists that have manifested in every direction left and right, tender shoots all ways I look of dear and vibrant new life.  The Beltane push on Saturday leading us weaving us through and through.  Every morning I visit the seeds I planted on March 13, the last weekday before the lock down started here.  How could I have ever known such Timing of things?  All I knew was I said yes when my heart-body said goooo and found those gorgeous big ceramic potters all cracked paint and worn looking on clearance too, and bought the last 3 right then and there.  Same day I sat butt on gravel and sung to and loved on and made moment out of planting those seeds.


All salad greens both micro and full to go with dead nettles and dandys, cleavers and my secret darlings that I hold in sacred quiet, as their tender dear spirits have asked me to in the past and also again this year as well.  And chickweed, of course, my first ever familiar, that seems so long ago…Otherwise welcome! Little herbs of delight you for cooking you for medicine you for offering blends, come Harvest season.  What a strange year, to see what will be not possible I have tried!  But no use the scrying or prophecy and no need what with all   this  pink  all over and so HERE!  In any case all that matters is the reality we show up to, or seek to co-create, each minute by minute right now as we go.  All that matters is the reality we see in the crucible cooker of our Self, Culture is a story we long ago gave up authorship on, and that is for other words in other places besides here besides the ones I live straight out from my body.  Body translating source soul holographs pure or dense as we wanna or don’t wanna be.

Today I will medicine chat with Winnie, and tmw eve Forgetful, and then it is Beltane and prep for Beltane proper~the devas are in the air 🙂

I am in love with living but it feels so strange, elementally, the moment to moment walking that it is happening on such brand new ground.

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