Dark Moon Clear-Seeing. The Power of the Hag.

Dark Moon is here, time of Mama Earth’s Shadow on Mama Moon.

Monthly Time of Shadow-Reflection.

This, the year of Collective Dark.  The fog and mists have been here all year.  Here, metaphysically.   And here, in 3-D form, at least along the mid-Atlantic Coast of the US.

What the Buddhists would call Maya, the personal fog of disillusion we each, as humans, hold within, and especially project onto ourselves and one another.

Right now, today, we sit in the Dark Moon following Lunar Lammas.

Still point of darkness, end of one phase, preparation for the next to begin.

This dark moon of the year signifies the end of the prophecy of First Harvest Tide.

This is the dark into new moon of 2020 that marks the last moon cycle of the Season of South, Summer, Fire, Song in the Northern Hemisphere.

This is a Visioning Moon.

As we sit in the Dark, let us continue to work with the grace of Clear Seeing.

To do so, let us Call on the Archetype: Ancient, Eternal, Sacred~the wisdom of  The Hag or The Crone.


The Hag or Crone is the 3rd face of the traditional triad of the Divine Feminine.

She is represented by Winter on the Mysteries Path.

She appears here as Crow.  She who Sees in all Directions, Crow, keeper of the Women’s Secrets.

She instills fear, because she looks clearly.  She looks without judgment, remorse or excuse at the Pain of Living.  At Death and Sadness.  At the Vile, the Grotesque.  Every human has times of life and aspects of self that cause fear and pain and so we resist seeing it.  These are the aspects we call in soul or depth work, the Shadow.

Collectively, this resistance to seeing inside of us creates a cosmology, or psychic level, called the Swamplands.

The Mysteries Path as I walk it holds Crone/Hag Mother as the GateKeeper of Darkness, the Mystery or the Void, what we call the 4th or Sacred Unseen aspect of the above Triad.  It is “the both (or the three,) and”, it is the “Wild All.”  What traditionally is called the Fates.

Hers is the power, monthly, of the dark phase of the Moon.

Hers is the Keeper of the In-Between, the resistant dark phase between the end of one state or way and the not yet to the next.

Hers is the realm of the alchemy or soul phase of dissolution, the dissolving of what was, in order to grow anew.  Hers is the Tension, and the Howwwl!

She is who is waiting on the other side of surrender.  Hers is the Wisdom, the Grace, of Clear Sight.

Hers is the power time, menstrually, of the bitchn, rageful, grief-struck, loud ass mouthy and fierce PMS LUNA-cy. 

Much as Hers is the access granted, by Facing Her, to the Cave. Sweet, soft surrender to the deep void space of Rest, Retreat, Release, & Inner ReSource of this time of month, too.

The Crone. She Who has, in the words of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the Hooded Eye.  Who sees all.  Who, in Having Seen, flinches at None.

What is Visioning Moon?

The power of Sight in the Dark.  The power of Sight, beyond obstacle, specifically because we are willing to look at the obstacle.

What can be Seen, can be accepted.

What can be accepted, can be transformed.

Keep your Light on, dear ones.

Happy last moon cycle of Summer! May it be blessed, may you do no harm, may you make it count:

Don’t Let Them Tame You!


image, Kim Krans


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