Alchemy Thoughts, on the last week of Summer

We bonfired in person the night of full moon last week, it was the first time that the co-op I founded, and our two different Women’s Mysteries circles, gathered as one this whole fiscal year. The original of course being scheduled for Ostara, or the sabbath Rites of Spring. Which were cancelled because of the pandemic.

By that point we’d~my soul sisters that are elsewhere, who I circle and connect otherwise with virutally or via the phone anyway~had been tending the Mists. The Mists, which is Spirit presence, or the Mists, which is Fog. Shadow, Maya. The Mists: which can be and are Both, And…have been here since we made Brigid crosses on Lunar Imbolc in town, the night Fox crossed my path on Coastal, and then showed herself on the backroads three more times in a week. Letting me know the Fae were here, green allys in the rounds, and to stay therefor close to Mama Earth, with heart to hers and when necessary, head down.

Collective Dark Night of the Soul, and we remain Between the Worlds.

It is now last day of Disseminating Moon of Summer. Tomorrow we move to last quarter, when moon reflects equal sun equal shadow, and she gives us a preliminary of Mabon, or the quarter Sabbat of Rites of Fall, which arrives September 22. What arrives now and over the next few days is the tide pull towards Dark’s Increase, Vision of Unseen behind the Veil.

Disseminating Moon readying to set, Friday morning

When Mabon arrives she’ll be crescent that day. We’ll march backwards then as Moonlight grows and Sunlight moves to descend, remember too this is the archtypal time of the energy of Mabon, known as Equinox, of holding Both, And~equal day time, equal night. Seasons are changing. Widdershins moon to earth mother’s tide. The Harvest Moon, first Full of Fall, comes October 1.

Season’s are changing.

Harvest Moon on Oct 1, or Second Harvest, will be a fusion of dark and light, known as Alchemy moon, for sure. Season’s are Changing, can you feel it, too?

Disseminating Moon phase, or back to where we are right now, is also called waning gibbous, but I like Demetra George’s names of the phases. It is the time of absorbing the clarity of the intensity of the Full moon period. We gain perspective during this phase, filter, share, and receive information by trusting in the natural momentum of the tip back towards decrease of light. Meaning, we are receptive to what already is but in new, clearer ways.

So it felt super good to me today especially, because reading the Language of Letting Go‘s meditation for September 9, which is the same on every September 9, was about Perspective.

Was about the reminder that sometimes we don’t have Clarity.

Ah yes, the Wisdom of This. It is a year of Mists. Spirit’s Presence, or Shadow. It is hard to see through the Mists. We tended Clear Sight last Full Moon, and my perspective today, last day of absorbing the information of that tide, is to see what you can see today. To trust in the results even when you can’t See, this is the definition of Faith.

The medicine of Pink, if you know me. Doing what I can do when I remember I can, then surrendering the results to Spirit, to the Highest Divine Good, to the One Love or Light. Trusting Timing, where we aren’t, or can’t for whatever reason, be Clear.

A good reminder, as the Wheel turns us tomorrow to Balance for the month, then the Moon, Sun and Mama Earth, too, towards gaining Dark.

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