Final Harvest Blue Moon, All Hallows & Traditional Samhain

Last night the wind managed to tickle my skin indoors, two different times. A cool tickle, it had been a looong day and I was tired, deep bone blood physical kind, and ready to toss hands near my 11th hour of work.

The windows open just a bitty bit for the soothe of rain, those were across the room a way, and the damp wind, on my skin?

Then it shook me, a little shake, a little fae hand just giving me a touch… The winds are Calling you, grl…it is Samhain~get up get up GET UP!

Second Harvest Moon Rise over the woods out back Baby’s house, WoCoMD

There are nature traditions that name the many voices and kinds and ways of Wind. Tree wind, fae wind. Moon wind.

Ancestor Wind.

When my last session ended, I got up to use the bathroom, and for the second time in a day I watched a door open, as they do sometimes, here in the house of my Father where I nurture the roots of seven generations out front at the foot of my Ancestor Tree. It opened on its own, a gentle sway. I laughed allowed, said hello to my Godmother gone now 8 years, whose old bedroom is now my own. Said hello to Gram and Pop, gone decades now. I was in their old bathroom.

Said hello to my late Wise Womyn, Gretchen and Mags.

Said hello to my most recent Elder on the Otherside, my Pap. Who we lost on Second Harvest Moon.

I went out to the back, where I make offerings to the green allies, to the realms earthbound, ancestral, Place, animal, flower and tree and plant, elemental, fae.

I went out to the back, in the dark damp. to the rustle crackle rustle talk of trees. I gave my thanks and expressed my laughing glee.

What good is a system of myths, of stories or even belief, if they don’t add meaning and guidance to your walking life, day to day?

What ways do you see or feel or know the natural *M*A*G*I*C* of right now moving you?

What could you do to open yourself, your heart, spirit, soul, to connect more?

It is Samhain. Existent still, today, in the relics of Hallow Ween~Hallow: means “Sacred.” All Hallows Eve begins tonight at sun down. We honor the harvest season in completion, recall that for Celt, Welsh, Druid heritage this was the threshold between the very end of the harvest season and the beginning of Winter. Winter, when ancestors worked to show reverence and live in Oneness, in homage, for the great powers of the Season of Death. Those months that Life turns under, and that making it through could be questionable.

2020. 20/20, perfect Vision. During a Collective Dark Night of the Soul. During a Collective, meaning here a joint psychological experience, of Death.

How are you and yours when it comes to being at peace in this area? In honor, respect, relation with Death? As its own Sacred experience?

Morrigan, by Judith Shaw

I have been Wow’d this harvest season by the synchronistic experiences of the Death Face of the Celtic Triple Goddess Morrigan showing herself in my life. Nearing two and a half decade ago, in my late teens, I gave myself to a solitary pagan path under a full moon, next to the holly tree in my mom’s old backyard. I gave myself to Brigid, patroness of Poetry. Little did I understand at all in those days the archetypal power of Soul and Intention to unfold our paths. If only we pay attention.

Morrigan is the Death aspect of the Triple Goddess of Brigid. Old Celts saw Mother Nature in all her different expressions translated as the Divine. Tripple Goddesses exemplified the different forms of life in death, of death in life, of rebirth implicit to living. Morrigan Death Face is represented by Crow. Many who know me on the Women’s Mysteries Path know of how Crow started physical and metaphysical Sacred Relations with me back 15 years or so. This year, in a general way, I will tell you. Morrigan, through Crow, has let me know again, She is here.


The magic is here, happening friends. All it takes is a moment to open yourself to, and deepen into, natural expressions outside you, and within~

Pay Attention…in the words of a Women’s Mysteries member, our attention is our currency.

My Samhain Alter, 2020

What we focus on we create. So, dig it ya’ll. What BENEFICENT Timing converges this weekend. It is traditional Samhain, Dias De Los Muertos, All Souls, All Saints, and the Final Harvest Full Moon. Full moon tomorrow night is a Blue Moon, or second Full Moon of the month, giving supercharge to all intentions and prayers, ritual and magic-making that happens this weekend. It is the Final Harvest, when we give thanks for what has been in anticipation of what will be.

My family’s Ancestor Alter, 2020

Charge your herbs, charge moonwater to have for sacred moments through nature’s upcoming Season of Dark.

Make an apple pie or homemade cider, a harvest meal or harvest soup. Charge (BLESS!!!) it~

Give thanks, give thanks, give thanks.

Bless with the Living, Breathing Awareness, of All the Blessings Alive in your life Right Now~

Get outside and Play!

Create your own rituals of Meaning-Making, Celebration, Thanks-Giving, Connecting, Revering, Re-Membering, and so on…

All Hallows starts tonight, tomorrow is Samhain proper & Final Harvest Moon & Time Falls Back so we gain a Magic Hour, Sunday is All Saints, Monday All Souls

~Magic is Afoot and Timing abounds…then

…Tuesday in the States is Election Day.

Here is a prayer poem I wrote on a different site for Mabon.

prayer, at Mabon, directly to the Morrigan, who wont gd leave me be

may genocide end
may cultural genocide end
may exploitation of child bodies end
may sexual abuse of female bodies, of child bodies, of any and all violent ends end
may exploitation end. may exploitation end may violent exploitation of sex end. may neglect and abuse of needs emotional, mental, and spiritual end. may health be a basic safety right for all people, may commodification of labor sources at unlivable wages be seen as the violence it is, may women’s health be proctored by women for women, may your identification be honored bc your story is valid not bc of politicin. may the mindless exploitation of the earth and earth’s precious resources end may emotional violence on one another end. may emotional bodies be valued by all or no gender all spaces in between. may emotional bodies be valued. may male emotions be valued may male bodies be valued. may emotional violence on one another end. may male violence be healed. may all bodies be valued may all bodies be valued. may female bodies be vauled may elder bodies be valued may child bodies be valued may family bodies be valued may community bodies be valued may heritage bodies be valued may cultural bodies be valued may all bodies be valued. may all bodies be valued. may all love be valued. may domestic and child and sexual violence end. may domestic and child and sexual violence end. may domestic and child and sexual violence end. may racial violence end. may racial violence end may racial violence end. may violent police states occupying communities end may violent police states occupying communities end may violent institutional denial be dissected and undone may institutional violence be undone may institutional violence be undone may the institution of violence be undone. stop hating black people. may we each find our own roots and feet and own heart beat. may we follow our rhythm. may our source our truth find us.

may we keep the beat~

Happy Samhain & Final Harvest, dear friends!

Don’t Let Them Tame You~


image, Judith Shaw

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