The Witch’s New Year: Lunar Samhain

Tomorrow night, just past midnight, it’s the Witch’s New Year, Lunar Samhain. Earlier in the Harvest part of the year, in my second site for ritual I saw a Women’s Mysteries member and I throwing bones. Bone throwing is a form of divination with roots found in numerous different pagan heritages.

We came together less for prophecy however, and more to give thanks, to release with the end of the year, and intend for the year to come. We came together to do this by tending the Bones, to make them as an offering to a special Place in Nature here locally, to also lovingly tend our local Soul.

Here is a cherished and only image from our special time.

It is my prayer for anyone reading this that you find time to make space and take time this weekend and unplug. It is the dark moon void time, dark moon of the year time. Just past midnight, the Witching Hour, on the east coast tomorrow night the moon completes her lunation becoming New, and we complete the wheel of the Harvest Year of 13 moons. We enter the Void Space on the Way to the Death House, the Underground or Underworld, Winter.

This is the weekend to ready your self for the Dark. Make peace with what lives in your shadow, your griefs of the year, your disappointments, sadnesses, your losses. The parts you deny or repress because of pain or hurt or fear. Ready yourself to surrender to the Void space where lives what was and what is yet to be. Stillness and quietude help with this.

Starting Sunday the momentum leans closer to the darkest part of the year. What ways will you keep your light on, and who are the ones in your communities that radiate light and network light with you?

As promised, here is a hand out on the Wheel of The Year to take with you as we round nearer to North and Solstice and Metaphoric “New Moon” tide of the year. Celebrate! What are the Blessings of your Harvest that will fire your inner-hearth light whole the winter through? Be well, dear friends, Happy Blessed & Sacred Lunar Samhain to you & yours, Amen!

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