Full Moon of Preparation


This morning’s full moon designates a time on the wheel of the year for preparation.

Under this moon, we want to nurture all the details, take note of the areas that we can tend by taking small actions. Small actions. Small can look like endings, or knowing what not to feed with your energy. Small actions can look like discernment, or knowing what to feed something that does need your attention. Boundaries? Resources like money, time, communication? Care, love? Small actions can often also look like small beginnings, or decisions to begin, again.

Take note of what activates your energy right now. Over the weekend. Where did your heart body, or emotional energy, mostly go? How about your mind body, or the self talk or thoughts that drove you?

See to it that the small actions you take right now are in these areas. See to right relations in these areas, that take most your energy.

We are spinning in the dark this time of year, so mind your mind and your heart, from which you weave!It is a year of Collective Dark, so full moon times will burn us with transformative inner-outer alchemy.

Trust this process, go slow, and keep your inner-heart/h light or fire on. No matter how uncomfortable, exhaustive, scary. Pay attention, begin within, and get outside to reconnect which always, always will serve you well.

Be well dear friends! Don’t let them tame you~


image, Waxing Moon over the fae pink wind of the Blue Ridge Mts, Shenandoah National Park this wknd

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  1. This post is great! Keep up the good work!

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