Wishing Moon for Dark Moon, Dark Season, & Total Solar Eclipse.

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Did you know tonight is a wishing moon?

The lunation that starts tomorrow is our last one of Autumn. In fact, next Monday when she is 1st quarter, she converges with the Wheel of the Year as the longest night arrives and we welcome the season of Yule…and Return of Light ❤ !

Wishing moons, on the Mysteries path, are esbats related to certain sabbats according to gnostic traditions. Tonight is a mighty and beneficent eve for a Wishing Moon. Tomorrow is a total solar eclipse, too. Metaphysically that makes this eve a great time for intentional banishing. For cleaning, clearing, and cleansing.

Remember when herbal smudging or salt clearing or any other kind of energy body cleanse, be mindful of sealing your energy when you’re done, then putting blessed protective light around you again as means of completion.

New moons are a time when the moon’s 28.5 day cycle completes and begins again at once, reminding us the spiral power of Mama Nature’s archetypal force. The Birth/Life/Death/Birth mysteries. New moons are when we set and ready to align consciously with a new intention. Tonight into tomorrow’s new moon is the Moon to consider the wisdoms or lessons of all your spiral journeys this year, and distill them into a Wish for the Wheel of the Year to come.

It’s also always a good reminder to remember that wishes carry a different emotional and soulful vibration than wants, so be certain you are clear in your intent!

As always, you know I am a big advocate of being creative and coming up with your own personal ritual. There are never any wrong ways to talk to the Divine, and Ancient Mama is always there to listen and receive!

That said, a sweet one for this eve might be to create a witch’s jar. For a Wishing Moon Witch’s Jar, you need a small jar, herbal correspondents you love or have close relation with, and a candle. If you do candle magic you can choose your corresponding color, too.

Clear your body, your heart and spirit, mind and soul bodies of all distraction. Unplug, get quiet, intentional. Breathe. Relax and imagine all the stressors, particularly any you feel ready to release for good, leaving your body like a gray smoke. See it evaporate out of your skin. See it absorb into gold dust. See it evaporate heaven ward. Receive Divine Lovelight to seal and protect you now, an orb of protection around you like an egg.

Light your candle. Imagine the year behind you. Imagine all that dimmed and fed your inner light. Contemplate a while. When you feel ready, begin to bless your herbs intentionally with your wishes. Add them to your bottle. Hold the bottle in your hand, infusing it or charging it with good love and faith. See it extending from the Lovelight around you.

When you feel at your peak intentional power with this, bring your bottle to your heart and give felt thanks for Right Relation to the Dark Moon in the Season of the Dark. Or to your Ancestors, Guides, Mother Nature or Moon, God/s or whom or however you speak to higher power/s. See your own inner love light or hearth light, glowing inward and reverberating outward to the circle of light protecting you. Blow out your candle. Let go of your intent as you seal the bottle with the hot wax.

Be well, dear friends! Happy Wishing Moon.Don’t Let Them Tame You!

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