Welcome Season of Light: Vernal Equinox 2021

Happy Spring or Vernal Equinox, friends. Occurring tomorrow morning here on the MidAtlantic seaboard of the East Coast, this day and ultimately the days around it, because of the alignment of sun and earth, marks a time of equal daylight and nighttime.

For pagans, it’s a chance to acknowledge the passing of the season of Dark, of Winter, metaphor for Underground or Underworld. We welcome the resurfacing, the sprouting of new Life, blessed, reliable! return of the Season of Light. Spring. East on the Wheel, element Air, directionality of New Beginnings and Rebirth.

We honor too the regenerative process of life and renewal. A great ritual for the weekend is to get some potting soil and a window pot of any size, and some seeds that could grow indoors. If you have room to plant outside, then customize this to that! Get your hands in the dirt, and really spend time working the soil as you consider the passing of this season of winter. Allow yourself fully into the emotional body: engage the truths of what living through the last several months has been like for you. Allow the suffering, the struggles, the shadow to really emerge. Allow compassion.

When you feel complete, Bless the Dirt. Bless the element of Earth, element of Winter, for what it holds deep in its soil, the truth of our dust and bones and dark. Use your words to blow Blessings of love and light for all you have lived through.

image unknown, Pinterest

TOSS SOME DIRT: Bless what it is, be specific, from last season, that you are now fully letting go of~literally put a handful outdoors if you can and be done with it!

Acknowledge the full power of where we are right now, the medicine of this threshold: Sacred In-Between. Movement, from one form to another, as we hold the center.

Balance barely ever means perfect harmony loves. Much more human and grounded, earth bound, is the wisdom that it sees, and can make room, for more than one thing 😉

Turn now to your seeds. Spend time in joy-space. Vision-space of Imagination Grace. Raise energy and lovelight from within, actively engaging the seeds you wish to see sprout into full bounties of Harvest with the growing season of the Sun.

Plant your seeds, dear ones.

Plant your seeds, dear ones~Happy Spring! To the Blessings, that have been, that are, and especially yet to come~

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