prayer, earth day

Cmm’onnn shut the fug up haaa hhaa sweet, sweet lord you’re kidding me honey honestly I get on here just to write somehow it starts out to you, again Cat bc this damn music you bring whaaaat?! and am laughing as I write this right now only for the tinge of tears in the center of my heart from where I seefeel out back of Walsh’s steps there at the top of the Jones Falls beyond the Bay, the seelfeel longing hint of the seaaa and shit it is, it is lighter and more real to laugh sometimes bc they are real, here, bc the tamborines start and hand to god I am down top of the hill Church Street right before Milt’s Tavern and thrown back to being knee high in the kitchen what how where did this come from, Narnia right right there my Godfather and Uncle Kev the Temptations the 4 Tops my childhood w family and this is that, right, we are here! The sound outback wherewe’refrom Baldamore baby the grit grit blues into happy Sunday church music (in the streets, yes?) and your soul soundtrack which for real I wasn’t even going to mention here, hahahhh so now I’m like whaaat?

Low Rawls singing today as i start my writing

Then and now, it starts out this is how, Cabin Time, I know it is here: F R I E N D S H I P

Our great redeemer? I’ll tell you anyhow, I could build a renaissance on that, yes. And wow.

Narnia, Narnia i incant Fannon comes blindfolded fish in hand down by the river cast iron heat and downnn, down in the swamps i can’t, i can! Ben Morris & Wango Road. All the all the all those souls, n ghosts. The night the music comes back to me since I left it on Truslow Road it is Paul Simon, Elton John, Jim Croce in that order, storytellers each one, I get on Facebook to make honey’s day it is the first time on since before my bday, like really on like taking time to scroll a feed. It the blue light starts to suck at me and I am like knowww noo, the music needs me and it takes some time to get off that top of hill of fool’s gold. Onto here, Catfish though your music, every light on in the City it brings me here, we made Faith and Fate I presume down there Mayan Jungles ancients Time one right there out there in Space those gold paper winged butterflies come back too all in my dreams, which no they aren’t they ain’t great ain’t all been so since Carlos that one Mother’s Day but we knew that in Dreamspace even earlier, that fall. Gosh Cat you were there, too, then Equinox that yr so light that night on the Wild Island in the winds Sammy G’s banjo playing fresh over from Berlin, so that when I hear the first episode is on Friendship I am like, hoooohhh woahhhhh yes yes, don’t I know. You Thresheld me I You, Thou, then you do so now, again, so it goes. Wow. Man with beard and flowers fool foolish indeed Both Eyed Joker and we come up all diamonds all aces all jokers totally W i l D i’m here am like WOAH WOW how. And it is Beltane Pink since Monday so I’m YESSSSS yesss YES!!! I see it yes, again and again.

catfish premiers that good home music

Which really is thanks, you know? Fannon really? W clown face and shaman rattle all waving around like a lightbright neon colored plastic rave bubble gun. You fool truth ass idiot the bmore basement days we had sooo much fun. drug kids in the red-eyed white light at dawn. i draw down, this too then, this too so it is, yep so it was.

They ask permission to our Back Woods. What since when it ain’t been yours to go and grow and haunt and lose and go down, since…? When… I was a kid in Severn, Little Patuxent Pasture Brook Road. My Guide first since I’m adult comes crowns me, he is Horse, he lets me know. I lived in the Outland Borders there right out back there, since I was 3 years old. That’s why i could always see all the ghosts in the dark, you know? Yes of course these woods, just remember it is not these woods now, alone, it was always All These Woods, then, which is here, remember that~Now

So, Threshold Held, I bless the Bridge: Godfather & my Pop are freezing in the little trailer they give volunteers, they are on the 8 to midnight shift and adorable as sin, there the Irish eyes, there the little boy in Them. My heart flows it is too full and oh yea, btw i can float, i can i do i will i always go down,

we won’t drown

for dad, and uncle tim a family song

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