Dark Moon to Summer Solstice


Fireflies sparking up the edges of the inky night…honeysuckle intoxicants ringing green around the vine…ahhhh dear loves, must be Summa Time ❤


That’s right, tomorrow’s New Moon cycle brings about Litha, or the Summer Solstice, which also means today and this week so far overall, we’re in and have been in that deep stronghold of forced Stillness…the monthly compost phase of dark moon time.

Too, tomorrow’s New Moon is a solar eclipse, folklore connected to this ancient and regular happening is that something in your life physically will or can be removed during a solar eclipse.

Recall that intentionality is literally what you make of it 😉 and change doesn’t need to explosive. It can be subtle, as in the changing of form from one expression to a new or different one. We are also in a mercury retro.

Over the years I’ve come to understand these transits as seasonal reviews. A review of your spring. Mercury was a Trickster God, so we can learn a bit from depth psych when we make room for the Trickster parts of our Self: the ways our Ego can fool us…

That’s a worthy theme for review until Litha gets here.

From mythopedia.com:

“A wily trickster, Mercury was the Roman god of commerce, communication, and travel. The patron of thieves, messengers, and merchants, he was also responsible for conveying souls to the underworld. As the chief messenger of the gods, Mercury controlled the flow of information, and often used this position to his advantage.Like Hermes, the Greek god on whom he was based, Mercury challenged moral (and physical) boundaries. He was often nude, and was the only god in the Roman pantheon who could freely cross into the underworld.”

If we’re talking Underworld, we’re talking shadow friends.

And it’s a dark moon this week…the one connected to the peak of Light when Solstice arrives in a few weeks.

Shadow work is all about what can be hauled back up, transformative like, into the light. What is dark will make more light. What is dark is will make more light. What is dark…Be well, be good to you~

Don’t Let Them Tame You!