New Moon Tmw Eve & Lunar Lammas Round the Bend~

Dark moon today dearest Ones!

And New Moon moves us through tomorrow evening round 9pm on the east coast of the Northern Hemi. We are in Cancer season, fierce season of emotions in the house of the Mother…easy access to the lower world root truths of the emotional body…generational patterning which is NOT about woundology and IS about healing.

Healing how you relate…House of the Mother in Season of Summer or Flame, Fire–Alchemy in any case of the Power of the Heart, of Joy, of Love.

Remember the mists…watery emotions transmuted by Fire…creates mist…mists are magic, what reality will you deem??

In what ways can the Ancient Mother, the Divine Feminine, be roused to support, transform, help you heal, help you release, help you reRelate?

Dark moon is Dreamtime, and New Moon is time for letting go and Beginning Again.

Maybe most important to keep eyes on right now is that this upcoming lunation brings about Lunar Lammas, or First Harvest with the Full Moon in two weeks!

That’s right, by the 13 moons Harvest comes early this year, so expect a Quickening around the Bend.

Be well, dear friends. Use the light of summer’s Heart Light to see in the Dreamtime of Dark Moon.

What do you need? What have you grown?

Who (how) shall you be?Blessed be us all, be good to you…

Don’t let them tame you!

~image, We’Moon, 2021