Lunar Lammas

New Moon to Lunar Lammas, Healing the Feminine in 2017

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Ahhhh, friends.

What a year, no?  Our first moon cycle in 2017 inaugurated a man as the leader of our metaphoric house who bragged about the exploitation and objectification of the female body.  Our values supported this.

The normalization of exploitation in this house is unacceptable.

The female body.  The female body.  The female body.

How is your house?  How are you tending your one true sacred space?

At home–here on earth, our first and most taken for granted body–what’s it been like for you?  What level of your own shame stories, meaning your internal narratives about your worth, about being or not being good enough, about your rights, have you become more aware of this year?

How mindful of the stress you are carrying, its physicality, are you?  The stories that your body is carrying about you and your experience?

How well have you been at declaring your own right to your own path of unique heart, spirit, soul?

From an earth-based perspective, the growing season of the year relies as much on what has decomposed being turned under, transforming to nutrients, as it does on the potentiality of wild starry fruits blossoming from a single seed.  It is an endless continuum of stages and cycles, from dying and dark to birthing, blooming, fruiting, and harvesting, too.

When the moon is dark she is between the earth and the sun, and her other half sends the light of the sun back at itself.  We here on earth fall still in her darkness, a holding, receptive gravity.

The moon holds all, receptive and active.

When she is active or full she is at the height of light, actually reflecting the light of the sun back on us here on earth.

Between these two polarities are the fluidity of transitions of dark and light.  Metaphoric, yes.  And also cyclic and specific.  Both applications, and all their subtleties, are necessary.  Again, the feminine holds all.

From a menstrual perspective, we track our personal moons.  Chances are our personal moon doesn’t follow the actual moon.  So we use the moon’s phases as a metaphor to understand both the biology and psychology of the feminine psyche.

The new moon as metaphor is day one, or when we first bleed. When we first bleed, we are dying and birthing at once, as now we re-engage the solar or ovulatory, fertile aspect of our selves.  As the days of our cycle accumulate, we track where we are.  We learn to re-embody the fluidity of the inter-lobal functioning of the female body, for again, the feminine holds all.  For example, at stage four, the Gibbous moon, which can be anywhere from about day 7 through day 17 depending on your unique, beautiful and powerful body, we undergo an abrupt rise in the neuropeptides FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone). There is a rise in estrogen level and left hemisphere brain activity and simultaneous testosterone and right hemisphere activity and increase in libido. Read Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom to learn more!  

Our discharge is known at this time as E-type mucus, which is when small tubules are present in our discharge that hold sperm!  This is us in our fertile, almost full cycle. At stage 5, our metaphoric full moon, G-type mucus immediately follows the release of our ovum, and this sort of mucus actually keeps us from getting pregnant.  Like the moon at her peak active phase when she’s full, our bodies too lean from our full momentum back into ourselves.  And so at peak fertility we start again towards the reflective, recycling, dark and dying phases.

The growing season on earth follows these 8 stages, too!

Lammas, again using the metaphor of the phases of the moon, can be understood as stage 6, the Disseminating Moon.  Like for the year!  Disseminating moon, according to Demetra George’s Mysteries of the Dark Moon is the “first stirring of dark,” when the seed has become what it was meant and the “life impulse must fulfill, distribute energy and disseminate and share the value of the meaning.”  From a menstrual perspective, it is “the luteal phase” when “we turn more inward, preparing to develop or give birth from something deep within ourselves.” (Northrup, 2010)

Disseminating moon is the fruiting phase, or harvest.  Whether an ovum has been fertilized, or it was the fertility of a new idea that peaked, maybe a transformed inner narrative, or however it was that you lived out this growing cycle psychologically, biologically, spiritually and creatively, the disseminating moon phase from a menstrual perspective is the fruiting time, our first harvest.  After peak fertility phase.

And so it is we celebrate Lammas, the First Harvest of the earth’s natural growing year.  People who tend these concepts, embodying them and staying close to nature, outside with feet grounded upon her and skin and blood and biology and body in one rhythmic inhalation exhalation of all that is, recognize this as connected to a variety of different anthropological rites.  Traditions the world over acknowledge with celebration the bounty of fruit on the vine at summer’s height.

From a lunar perspective, which for me is the feminine-embodied perspective, we celebrate Lunar Lammas when the moon is in the sun sign of Leo and full.

So, ya with me?  We learn to track the phases of the moon, and then to metaphorically apply these phases.  They can inform the dark and light aspects of our biology, and of the seasons of the year.  We too learn to hold all, to think quantum or multi-dimensionally, to hold our still point within, and All At Once at once!

Lunar Lammas is the full moon on Monday, August 7, this year.  Already the sun-made shadows of heaping breathy green tree walls here are muddled, that certain angle of soupy dark I so love.

Mind what this moon cycle brings.  It is your harvest.  What will you reap?  Mind what stories live, what experiences happen.  Mind your light and your dark.  Mind your experiences this month from a reflective viewpoint that holds the continuum of the year, all those spirals of moon around the far side of the earth and back to between the earth and sun, again and again.

What is illuminated under the active light of her reflecting back the height of the summer sun?  For that is what happens on Lunar Lammas.

Unplug from your computer or other e-devices.  Leave your phone in the car and get outside.  Restore your natural circadian rhythm from all that electronic interference.

Give yourself back to yourself.  Back to your body.  Back to the earth.  The natural perfect spheres of rhythm. Happy first harvest season friends~!!

To understand more, make some time and visit my Facebook page.  We will spend this month learning more about the moon’s 8 phases.


Lunar Lammas. First Harvest Moon.

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This weekend’s full moon peaks around 11 tomorrow morning.

This is the First Harvest, or Lunar Lammas.  Soul wisdom arises from within: your bounty is in front of you, your own fruit is what is alive within your own two hands, in your one precious life! Surrender to the life in front of you, give thanks, embrace what and who is YOU, all of you–not just the parts that we like to label good.  Embrace all of your self, without judgment!  You are your harvest, embrace, surrender, accept you for the wise medicine and messages that you have grown, tended, that live and are ripe now, within…




Lunar Lammas moon tide prayer, oh Goddesses of bikini poem burrito.

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At the peak of the summer it makes sense, I have no underwear and haven’t since I got back from school. Meaning I haven’t gotten to the Laundromat. I give thanks to the goddess of bikinis who oversees summer’s peak. I have so many, the tops and bottoms never match, yesterday at Sleepy’s I scrounged and found the fringy Billabong black bottoms from that warehouse sale last year when Walsh was in the town. Far in the back of the trunk. The top was Hollywood red, OP, bought at Walmart one June afternoon in 2009 when I’d left Chesapeake College and drove straight one and a half hours to the beach because I needed to swim. Michael Jackson died that day, I remember right when I got down to the sea two ladies who were strangers read the news off their (then) fancy internet phones and one started to cry. I ran over to them, we stood in a circle and hugged while I changed into my new $12 swimsuit beneath a towel standing on the sand.

The man I most recently have been seeing is vegan. I think about this in the closet scrounging together another set of mismatched bottoms and tops to change for my day. At some point I will do laundry but why when bikinis are The Way. I will get a burrito on my way up PCH and can’t wait. What would he say?

Three work days from now I will be done at my job. This is a prayer to discipline, bikini gods of love and sun, a prayer to the poetry nymphs whose job is to oversee how to be into being, how to yearn into words on the page. This is an act of offering, of moment in-bliss, to show that I am willing to show up again, and get it all down.

Lunar Lammas

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The full moon in Leo is traditionally known as Lunar Lammas, or first harvest.

This is when the earth tide peaks at her highest wax of fertility.  Fruit is heavy on the vine, heat is high, the sun bold and white, fields of corn vibrating in rows, waxy forests breath out a stunning wall of ripe green.

There is no part of this life in which we are not inter-connected.  The ecology that offers its harvest all around us is the same that quickens the energy of the people speeding up the freeway, or the ones feeling like they may burst unless they get to the ocean and dive in, or maybe have a good stiff drink!  Likewise, what we do with these energies–with each choice–has an effect, seen and unseen, on every aspect of life which connects out from us.

Find your inner stillpoint today.  Take time to acknowledge what you have grown this year.  What needs tending, what hangs heavy on your own vine.  What needs appreciating or thanks given?

What needs cutting back, or given more time?

Happy Lunar Lammas friends, our first Harvest in the wane towards Fall….