Lunar Lammas Wishing Moon

wulfing harvest

Happy Lunar Lammas you guys! As promised, this includes a small ritual for “Wishing Moon.”

In my gravel driveway driveway flowers have sprung up. They are stray vincas that germinated beyond the pots where they were originally planted years ago and now bloom at random all over the driveway!


This morning I was picking some, fresh with near full moondew gathered on their fine petals. There is NEVER A WRONG WAY to talk to God: and the whim of this, the sweet giggles of wildness breaking free~what a joy-full way to create my own small, personal ritual to celebrate 1st Harvest. To delight in this strange mystery of living here on Mama Earth.

For connection to what 1st Harvest is traditionally, take time to read the last post on the website.

For connection to Mama Earth’s Harvest, and your own, right now–turn off your computer, put down your phone, and get outside. Dance in the rain. Find the first living greenness you can sight and marvel at the wonder that it came from a single, minuscule seed. Find a tomato bush, or squash–it’s the time of the season that they have turned into a wild untamed hodgepodge of breathing tangled mess. THAT’S HARVEST TIME YOU GUYS. Growth E V E R Y W H E R E. Unstoppable. Celebrate the impulse of LIFE, which even in a gravel driveway with cars and footsteps everyday, cannot be stopped. Let the magic of this tide happen to you.

And be gentle with yourself if you need the reminder that things may feel sped up right now, a little tangly

A little too much, out of control.

Lammas is a cross-quarter celebration, honoring the midpoint between Summer and Fall. With tomorrow’s moon we move to the southwest corner of the medicine wheel. Some walkers of the Old Way, who honor the Sacred by honoring the seasonal passings in Nature, celebrated cross-quarter full moons as Wishing Moons.

It just so happens that the same week as the driveway flowers started blossoming, I found a wishing stone in the driveway. Those are rocks, according to my fairygod cousin, with a perfect thin white circle around it.

Here is a little ritual, custom created for Lunar Lammas or First Harvest Wishing Moon.

Get a wishing stone, or moonstone. Or any special gem or rock or charm or seashell.

Full moon energy lasts about 3 days. So tonight, tomorrow or Friday, when you have some uninterrupted time, get outside for a moon bath with your wishing stone or trinket. Thank our brothers and sisters in Japan for their Harvest tradition of Moon-gazing, and soften the eyes and have a long gaze. Soften the body and let her light soften you. Let it connect to your heart. Let it connect to your breath.

Take a minute and give thanks for all the people all over the world at the exact moment as you having a glance at the moon right now, too.

Let that wonder, that mystery of Universal connection connect you. Recall that Mama Luna is ancient, imagine how many Harvests she’s overseen. Let that connect you. Give thanks for ancestors, for cultures passed. Allow your connection to be Universal, ancient, and fresh as right now.

When you’re feeling connected, begin to list for yourself everything that has happened this year. Let it come out, let it all flow through you, witness every thing and name and name until nothing is left. List your whole Harvest so far, good and bad and every part in-between. Let whatever needs to come out emerge.

When you feel complete, take a few minutes to gaze a bit more, and this time give thanks for it all. Take time to really feel grateful for what you have lived through, for how strong and power-full and deep your heart and soul and life are BECAUSE of what you have experienced.

When that gratitude is really flowing, now~open your imagination all the way up and name your heart’s desires, every wish you truly feel, no matter how far off or unrealistic. If you can feel it, name it. Let it bloom from the gratitude in your heart. Let the expanse of infinite stars encourage you, let the wishes fill the air…let your moon gaze keep you connected until there are no more wishes to name, just you and your sense of human wonder and joy.

Take your wishing stone now, and transfer some of that good, grateful, faith-full love into it. Return to moon-gazing and close in whatever way is natural for you. When you return home, if it’s helpful to list your wishes on paper, do so. Else, put your wishing stone or trinket away some place safe until the next wishing moon…in October.

In this way you track your heart’s desires…what your soul is growing and seeks to grow.

I am always wow’d by how many wishes come true when I just make them earnestly, then let them all the way go~

Harvest season is just beginning friends. Be good to you, to thy own Soul may you remember to be true. Don’t let them tame you!

Happy Lunar Lammas~

image Sulamith Wulfing, 1901-1989

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  1. maria l blasko says:

    Hi Kelly, I’d love to re-post this on my FB page, Closer To The Source
    Blessings on this special day!

    1. K says:

      Hi Maria! I appreciate you saying something! Of course, happiest Lammas blessings your way ♥️✨

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