Full Harvest Moon & The Ancient Feminine



  Happy Harvest Moon dear friends 

The ancient archetype of * Harvest * Tide * is so sweet and wonder-full, no?!

For better understanding of what this means (for both personal or collective
S O U L  W O R K,) spend some reflection time with the Lunar Lammas-Tide post on the Wild Women Wisdom website, from July 30 this year.

For your own special reflection and  CONNECTION  to Harvest Tide, get on outside this weekend! Day or night time, any and every time: to return to your true Self or Soul, always and in all or any way, one sure way is to return to Mama Earth


Recalibrate, reset~

Life is Sacred, is so
In all things, we return to this, the patterned
Sacred mysterious
of Life.

Give thanks! For the Ancient, Sacred Mystery! For your chance to get to be here, dancing in the midst of all that IS…

There is no wrong way to come to the Sacred, dear friends.

The Wisdom of the Archetypal Feminine is a repressed Wisdom.

It is the wisdom of cycles. The cycles of birth, life, death & dying, and rebirth. Ever ancient, ever anew. Ever renewing.

It is the wisdom of the cycles of the female body. The wisdom of the cycles of the ancient body of the earth. The wisdom of the cycles of the ancient bodies of the heavens and the moon.

It is a repressed wisdom that holds ALL: both dark and light.

It is a repressed wisdom that continues to be demonized in our culture.

We do the work to heal these old stories of demonization by calling back home to ourselves our right to our own Sacred Body.

Man or Woman, Elder or Child.

We heal by embracing the processes, the natural cycles of Life.

Both the real and metaphoric lessons of the larger ebbs and flows of Nature teach us this.

We heal by surrendering to our right to write our own Stories, which often means deconstructing or breaking apart the ways in which we co-wrote old, harmful self-stories or narratives.

I say surrender because Deconstruction can feel like
R A G E. Rage is power-Full. Transformative. Alchemical.


It often points to disembodied parts of YOUR OWN POWER.

May you come gently to your Self if right now this is part of YOU and your Story.

The Moon is an archetype or symbol of the depth feminine. Mama Moon is she who is both dark and light In The Realm of Dark or Night.

She Who Holds ALL.

These are metaphors, or symbols, for depth thought and application.

They are also living, breathing Body’s~

Get outside dear friends! Remember who you are, who or what you come from.

In whatever ways you come to the Sacred~make your Return!


…take your whole Self, all your judgments, all your shame, all your anger, all your RAGE, all your regrets, all your despair, all your yearnings, all your hopelessness~

Every part of this odd challenge of being HUMAN~

take your whole self back to the one sure thing that is bigger than us.

May you know trust in the Harmony of The Cycles of Life.
Of the Cycles of Oneness.
All, which passes.
All, which returns again.

The Full Moon of September is traditionally recognized as Harvest Moon. On the medicine path I walk, Harvest Tide begins when we move with the lunar cycle into the southwest corner of the wheel (Lunar Lammas.) It carries us through the gate passing of Fall Equinox (or Mabon.) It completes when the moon becomes dark in the sun sign of Scorpio (Lunar Samhain.)

These esoteric moon times shift every year according the ancient, perfect cycles of the dance between earth, moon & sun.

Full moon energy lasts about three days. Remember: when the moon is full, she is reflecting the light of the sun.

The Feminine Holds All

The Full Harvest Moon this week peaks overnight on Friday, about a half past midnight on the east coast in the Northern Hemisphere.

How is your personal soul–your unique experience of Life and how you relate–right now?

What is your harvest? Literally, what is going on right now in your own life?

For what, dear friends, can you give your thanks? For what can you celebrate?

In what ways are you connected, and how can honor those connections, strengthen them, appreciate and enjoy?

To your own Soul may you be true. In this way, we always serve the collective Heart of the World Soul.

Be well, friends. Be good to YOU. Remember, as the moon and Mama Nature teaches us, you can always, always

Begin, again~

Wherever you’re at right now, whatever state you find your Soul…

Happy Tide- ings

May your Harvest be blessed


image, The Pretty Moon Maidens
Ida Rentoul Outhwaite 1888-1960

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