Lunar Lammas

The full moon in Leo is traditionally known as Lunar Lammas, or first harvest.

This is when the earth tide peaks at her highest wax of fertility.  Fruit is heavy on the vine, heat is high, the sun bold and white, fields of corn vibrating in rows, waxy forests breath out a stunning wall of ripe green.

There is no part of this life in which we are not inter-connected.  The ecology that offers its harvest all around us is the same that quickens the energy of the people speeding up the freeway, or the ones feeling like they may burst unless they get to the ocean and dive in, or maybe have a good stiff drink!  Likewise, what we do with these energies–with each choice–has an effect, seen and unseen, on every aspect of life which connects out from us.

Find your inner stillpoint today.  Take time to acknowledge what you have grown this year.  What needs tending, what hangs heavy on your own vine.  What needs appreciating or thanks given?

What needs cutting back, or given more time?

Happy Lunar Lammas friends, our first Harvest in the wane towards Fall….

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