Sunday holla.

You know how sometimes there’s sunshine, a dusty square of it on the floor or wall, and you’re doing whatever you do, and it’s there, being sunshine.  Helping you be better at you?  That’s kinda what it’s been like.  6 days offa instatwitface.  About to take my second trip to the hardware store of the weekend.  Foliage foliage foliage!  Herb starts and veggies, too~

Thinking bout this song, because Taj Pandora’s so good and I heard an old love song by him I adore this week in the health food store.  These guys doing the work that matters in Oakland, and ehem, the Bay Area in general.  This recipe minus all the chiles.  Indulgent love stories by Elizabeth Bard and happy hour tacos (“Opium hour”) at Starfish both make me feel like I belong in this highbrow town. and Guiseppe, the sweetheart who runs it on his tricked out permaculture bus…the dear hearts I met over tea in his space….the herbal symposium three miles away from me yesterday, including the most bitchen ever canyon wildcrafting herb walk with Shana Lipner Grover,  and a truly magical workshop with the legend James Green, all of which affirm the wild soul and necessary wild instinct, which is different then cut&run.  And Facetime & Snapchat, which both prove that even as I eat whole my social media cleanse, still I get to value and love love love technology that keeps me tied to family & friends.


Free Tea Party


IMG_1842White Sage

IMG_1843^—–I’d live there!
IMG_1854Poison Hemlock!! Like, LETHAL poison

IMG_1858^———Savanah sends her own Snap xoxo

IMG_1859 IMG_1860

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