Mercury Retrograde


…started Thursday.  This is a review of our season of dark.  Winter this season included a really interesting run with Venus, too, shaking up how we relate to one another intimately.  That’s in romance, and friendship, inner and intra personal, on all levels.  Quite a season anyway.

And just days after likely having just gotten a mid-winter insight, an inspiration about a new goal or direction you want to start to take, we are slowed down again, asked to pause, hold gentle as the soul reviews our within. 

Merc retros catch a really bad rap.  The whole point is to work with the natural rhythms and systems of which we are a part.  Slow down.  Where are you rushing, anyhow?  Pay attention.  That’s all it asks.  And that’s not bad.

Read more about how this retro will effect us, here, at Aquarius Papers.  This guy’s legit!

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  1. Anishinaabekwe says:

    This is a good post and thought I would share —

    1. “This Retrograde wants you to re-imagine your dream for the future; reconnect with the psychic, mystical, magical, all-knowing part of yourself; replenish your well of inspiration; and regenerate your faith in humanity.” Love this!! Thanks!

      1. Anishinaabekwe says:

        I find this website to be super accurate. I love it!

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