Big ol magic moon: Lunar Beltane in the hills

That big ol silly moon, just a stand out in the sky like someone shot a paint ball up there and smack-landed it on the flat east canvas, a perfect white slab.  She was staring at me while the sun was still out.  A smile I couldn’t reach or run from, just had to laugh and breathe and let it fill me.

I was driving the coast highway home from Tuesday night on Dove Street. I’m always reflective after going there so PCH in the late day sun matches that mood.  Plus you never know with traffic in Irvine and the 405.

It was a Starbucks from the gas station in a glass bottle all sugary sweet and Burger King value menu fries for dinner kinda drive.  Every song on shuffle the indy kind that tells a story.  Once I got to the coast I caught each light and never had to hit my brakes, just downshifted or idled in neutral, a nice smooth cruise.

Then at Crystal Cove the sun out my back window, and when I looked up there it was.  The moon so big and full I huuu–caught my breath.  Smiling at me, making me feel like a giggle was caught in my chest.



In a dance as perfect and still as that — precise canyon lands in quiet enchantment, listening and letting her nighttime lullaby  siiiing, I too had to let her talk to me.  She said, follow, follow, and so I went. East. Off Broadway I turned right and knew I was headed way up in to the hills.  I stopped along the way, about half way up because I had the best view of her, but in my blood she said keep going keep going.  If it had words that feeling would’ve spoken: you’re almost home!  More and more steep I climbed til the road ended in a T.  There was a sign for a park to the left.  I turned and gasped.   Big orange sun, relaxed black hills, ocean the metal shine color of see-through blue.  I parked in a instant and got out just in time:


Lunar Beltane, and the reminder that earth magic moves us in its own time if and when we just say yes.

Beltane embodies the archetype of fertility, of maiden fire in the prime first flares of coming-to-life.  With this moon in the open light it tells us that whatever ran our thoughts today like clear bubbles we could poke and press–this is the material we work with, this is the way in, the door to more soul and deeper meaning.  Wild wisdom is reverent, understands life is a continuum–now is a good time to glance backwards in the rainbow spiral of your rhythms so far this year, and recall February.  Think back to its first week.  What was going on?  Today and tomorrow–indeed this whole week–whatever is going on–tie it back to early February to help you understand your own theme.  Beltane is when the first seeds of what you are growing this year come to first birth in material form.  You should have some clearer, wiser sense of what (inside you) is growing, or going on~

That’s enough outta me.  Other than to say–big ol magic moon, from Dove Street til now, from last New Moon til now, from February til now!! You wow me, every time.

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