A Namaste from Seattle Street Artist Kristina Cyr: What’s My Healing?

Visit Kristina, and her Iconic Women Portraiture Series, here.  Thanks Kristina for the guest-post! 

Iconic Voices: What’s my healing?

Wow, this is such a great question and comes at perfect timing when I am pregnant for the very first time! I am in need of healing. Before I was pregnant, I already arrived at the knowing that peace does begin in the womb. To start off this segment, I’d like to share something absolutely empowering that I came across the other day.

“A woman shaman, like a spinning spider, must learn to lead from the womb. To move your attention from your head to your belly, from the mind and the body, a woman must learn how to read the signals and to trust them.

Otherwise she’ll never be sure about the difference between her intuition and those fearful little voices in her head that tell her to be cautious, stop, don’t and so on.” ~Vicki Noble

What I am learning in the very early stages of pregnancy, more than anything is I need to heal. I need to heal so that the space that my baby and I are co-creating in the womb is purified as possible, so I don’t pass on any of my dis-ease or emotional wounds to my child. So my child maybe born free. But maybe I shouldn’t have such an ego to think that the perfect light inside me would be so susceptible to my shit.

What is my healing? My healing is my prayers. My healing is walks with my dog, hugging a tree, talking to the plants, touching the ground, praying on the water. My healing is my spirituality, meditation, and yoga. My healing comes from Solfeggio Harmonics, brain wave therapy and isochronic tones. My healing is my creativity and artistic expression. My healing is in the form of energy work, Reiki, laying on of hands healing, hugs and affection. My healing is having consistent, healthy relationships with myself and the people around me. My healing comes from a firm foundation of love, trust and respect with my husband. My healing comes from finding my tribe of supportive, encouraging women or them finding me, time and time again. My healing is nature and horses. My healing is mystical, ethereal, and mysterious. My healing is getting tattoo’d. My healing is letting go of people’s expectations. My healing is not taking on energy that is not mine and not taking things personally. My healing is acupuncture and Ayurveda. My healing is in coconut and essential oils. My healing is traveling. My healing is the sweat lodge. My healing is connecting with the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and their way of life in prayer. My healing happens when women encourage women. My healing is cycling work with Kelly. My healing is in my dreams and claiming my birthright. My healing is in psychedelic visions. My healing is the apothecary, herbs, flower essences, crystals, singing bowls, tarot cards, incense, frankincense and myrrh. My healing is uncovering our ancient women’s modalities of healing and being in the world. My healing is BEcoming a mother. My healing is encouraging myself even when I don’t want to. My healing happens every time I turn inward with gentleness and love. My healing is in your healing and your healing is in my healing.

As Grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein says, ““We are our ancestors. When we can heal ourselves, we also heal our ancestors, our grandmothers, our grandfathers and our children.When we heal ourselves, we heal Mother Earth.” For me that really says it all about healing.

From my Sacred Foundation to Yours, may you find some healing this day and share it with someone. Namaste.

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