Dark Moon to New Moon. Begin Again.


Sappho Balsamic Moon.jpg

Happy Balsamic moon friends.

Balsamic is the final–of eight–phase of the moon’s monthly cycle.

Balsamic is her crescent moon phase waning into complete darkness.

She is waning–decreasing in light–when her light is on the left of her face.

We descend into her darkness over the weekend in anticipation of the alchemy of New Moon reset on Wednesday.

It is time to reconnect. A sweet time to nurture, make space, get still, reflect.

What has this last cycle brought?

This last moon cycle started with the New Moon on February 4 known as lunar Imbolc. It peaked on February 19 with the Full Moon.

This has been the tide that we really feel the stirring of change in our inner world. Of what we’re ready to be rid of, of changes we feel pressed to make. Imbolc tide is the last complete cycle in the underworld, or season of winter or dark.

It is when we feel the pressure, and are challenged to tolerate, what is cooking inside of us. The season of light, of the light half of our solar year–when we manifest our harvest–is on the way!

We are near completion on the earth tide of the dark half, the tide focused largely on our personal shadow work.

This weekend, as we descend into the dark of the moon for the last time during winter, it is your time to embrace the Stillness in the Deep, the Quiet in the Dark.

This is a weekend for banishing or binding.

Recall, the dark face of La Luna is the true essence of the feminine.

Recall, the feminine archetype, and certain connected values like intuition, of what is felt but unseen, of depth, stillness, contemplation, holding, sensing, nurturing and rest, has been overlooked, and in some or even many cases–demonized, objectified, or exploited by aspects of modern culture.

Call her back, call Her, reach for her Song~

Embrace your allegiance with how and in what ways you may have worked against yourself by not valuing Her, by devaluing or resisting some of the sweetest, most tender parts of every human’s soul.

Embrace, your inner feminine this weekend! Spend time, create space. Review what your winter, your own underground and inner world journey, has been.

Balsamic moon–as she wanes into and holds us still among complete dark–is the best phase to ready us for alchemy, which means transformation.

We transform with Divine Love, beginning within, beginning with all aspects within, beginning again.

We ready alchemy by embracing, allowing. By holding, by being with. We cannot Love~bring light to~what we resist.

So, soften. This is the posture that makes letting go possible. Soften to all that you have struggled with this season of dark.

New Moon is when we Let Go, and Intend what we wish to concentrate on and grow in the space that is left.

Soften in preparation for this release.

Wednesday’s New Moon cycle peaks on the Full Super Moon on March 20, which also is the Equinox or first day of Spring!!

Super Moon means when she’s perigee, or closest to the earth, so her magnetic pull is the strongest.

Super Full Moon on Spring Equinox!? W  W

What will you intend? What do you wish to grow this season of light? This is the dark moon to tend this, as well~

ALL is connected, one long spiraling continuum, backwards and forwards–connected by connecting to Right Now. Meaning, wherever you’re at in your life, you can Begin Again right now.

On Wednesday we begin again. We begin by letting go and choosing what to grow anew, at once.

It may be something you only feel–what you wish to grow right now, a value, or ideal. It’s ok–normal in fact for where we are on the wheel of the year–to not be certain how exactly it will manifest.

On Wednesday she Begins Again~New Moon~her waxing or growing light. She moves us in a seasonal shift towards the magical alchemy tide of Super Full Moon on Spring Equinox–(Equinox is the space in between balance, when the tension of the opposites births anew!!)

Prepare yourself for this Quickening~

Take the time to embrace what it is that’s cooking inside the winter shadow compost funk, what needs to be released to aid that which is just quaking to burst forth, with Spring.

Happy Tending! Be Blessed. Begin within, begin again~

Keep the faith

image Jules-Elie Delaunay, 1828-1891

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