Ritual, for Spring Equinox Super Moon



Happy Last Day of Winter, Friends!

This image is of Mama Luna moving across the night sky on the Winter Solstice.

So hard to believe it’s been 3 full months already.

Tomorrow night is both the Spring Equinox, and our only full perigee moon of the year, meaning when she is closest to the earth. We know this as a Super Moon.

Full moons are a time to charge. Charge intentions, objects, sacred places, wishes, prayers.

Super Moons super charge

An alchemical, or *transformative* ritual for tonight or tomorrow night would be to pour all your shadows, all that you resist, all that you struggled with during the underworld journey or season of Winter, into an object.

An object that won’t pollute if you choose later to release it back to Mama Nature.

Take your time with this. See and feel yourself releasing everything into your chosen object.

As you finish, take time to behold your own struggles, your own resistance, your shadow aspects.

Behold, as in hold as sacred.

When ready, charge the object with unconditional love light under this waxing into full super moon. If unconditional love is a challenge for some parts of what the object holds, that’s ok. Charge with non-judgmental acceptance instead.


When the object is charged with love light or acceptance seal it. Envision closing it in a light or energy you either see or feel. Thank it for helping you consciously transform your sacred relationship with yourself.

You can release your object in a special place in Nature if you have one, or you can hold it through the coming Spring and Summer seasons of light and harvest, checking in periodically to see how your new loving relationship to those challenging parts of you or your life are manifesting.

Tomorrow night we move East on the medicine wheel, celebrating dawn, birth and new beginnings, to name just a few concepts, as well as the coming Spring.

Equinox medicine holds dark and light in equal balance.

Balance is a concept that is only necessary with two or more differing parts.

Celebrate the diversity, and cohesion, of this idea.

Celebrate the necessity, the tension even, of the sacred in-between.

Celebrate that all passes, and for certain, begins again.

Be well, dear friends, be good to you!

Happy Spring


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