New Moon in Spring & The Virgin Archetype

Warwick Goble.jpg

Happy almost new moon, friends

She descends into complete darkness, to lean again towards the return of the light, in the middle of the night Thursday into Friday this week

During our Spring Equinox circle, my women’s mysteries group bonfired on the wild island here where we live

We tended the deep feminine archetype of the Virgin

The healing of this archetype in our collective and personal culture’s of origin

The Virgin archetype is but one in the depth psyche that constellates power and healing

She is associated with the Spring and the waxing crescent moon

The story of the Virgin has been told for women, instead of by women, for centuries

In matrilineal consciousness, which is its own source realm in the unconscious psyche, we find a storehouse of stories associated with the Virgin

We learn that She is the height of Power or Autonomy: meaning At-One-With

The Virgin is At-One-With her sacred sexuality
She is At-One-With her sacred creativity
She is At-One-With her sacred mindbody
She is At-One-With her sacred strength
She is At-One-With her sacred source
She is At-One-With her sacred warrior self
She is At-One-With her sacred healer self

Her story has nothing to do with a loss of sacredness because she has engaged in sexual intercourse

Now is a time to reclaim this powerful archetype and heal your own relationship with her deep within

No matter the age or stage you find yourself

The deep dark into new moon time of the month is so
p o w e r – F U L L for mindfully letting go and releasing, while intuiting a felt sense of the newness you wish to grow

Positive affirmations in the forms of chants, mantras, prayers and blessings imprint in the body now

Be well, be good to you, dear friends

May your healing begin now, may it begin again

Don’t let them tame you~

image Warwick Goble, 1862-1943

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  1. Normandee Nelson says:

    Hooray great article


    1. K says:

      thanks mandee!! love you xoxox

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